After a year, sheep death by unknown animal reported again from Salipur

Salipur: A year after the much hue and cry, death of sheep in attack by mysterious animal has been reported again from Salipur of Cuttack today.

Five sheep of Rabindra Behera in Lunahar village, one km away from Salipur town, were found dead in the morning today. All the domestic animals’ bodies were mutilated with their respiratory tract being severed.

Salipur veterinary officer said after conducting post-mortem of the sheep a wild animal having sharp nail and teeth has attacked the sheep.

The pug marks of the animal have also been taken. Only the wild life experts can identify the predator, the officer said.

Meanwhile, the fellow sheep rearers are panicked over the death of five lambs. They have decided to guard their domestic animal at night.

Notably, sheep and goat rearing is the prime profession of most of the residents of this village.

Last year, mass sheep deaths were reported from Niali and other parts of Odisha. The incident had created state wide hue and cry.


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