Life threat to sarpanch for filing case against MLA Arun Sahoo


Nayagarh: A sarpanch in Nayagarh district today found some hand written letters and a packet allegedly posed life threat to him lying on his veranda in Laxmi Prasad village in the district.

The five-page letter was written reportedly by the some residents of Bodapada village. In the letter, they threatened the Sarpanch, Soumyaranjan Pradhan to withdraw cases from police station and high court against local MLA Arun Sahoo.

Besides, they also threatened him to resign from the post of sarpanch. “If you don’t agree with us, nobody, be him Prime Minister, Chief Minister, MLA, Minister, can protect you”, they stated in the letter.

The letter also threatened some of the supporters of sarpanch with unparliamentarily language.

Soumyaranjan informed the police following which police seized the letter and packet before launching investigation.


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