Modi blasts Odisha govt over Mahanadi, says his govt running with commitment not confusion

Cuttack: As expected, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today hit out at the Odisha government over Mahanadi issue for misinterpreting the matter instead of resolving the dispute.

“Odisha government is misleading the people over Mahanadi water dispute rather than trying to resolve the matter. The State government has admitted in the Assembly that more than half of the Mahanadi water is getting drained to Bay of Bengal. The State has done nothing to provide water to farmers and poor people. When Nitin Gadkari urged the State to solve the issue amicably, the state government did not cooperate with us, rather it pulled from our back,” Modi said while addressing the huge gathering at Cuttack on the fourth anniversary of his government.

“Apart from Mahanadi, water of five other rivers is not reaching people. The government here has done nothing for them. Why the Lower Indra project is still hanging in fire even as it started 20 years ago?, he questioned.

He said that Centre is committed to resolve their problems and address the challenges they have to face,” he further added.

Highlighting his achievements on healthcare facilities in State, Modi said medical college in Cuttack, Burla and Berhampur are being upgraded to ensure better health services.

“There is lack of proper health facilities in several places. Situation is worse here in Odisha. I wonder what were the previous governments doing? Even if state governments aren’t carrying out their responsibilities properly, centre is doing everything it can in this direction”, he maintained.

Similarly, the Centre has taken several measures to develop communication. 25 new air ports have become operational. “People who used to travel by train in AC compartment are now travelling by flights. I had a dream ‘Hawai chapal pehene wala, hawai jahaj ka sufar kare’.

The Prime Minister also said that this is a committed government instead of the confused government.

Through Bharatmala and Sagarmala projects, road connectivity to all areas is being expedited. Modi also highlighted his works in renovating fertilisers plant, development in railway sector, road communication, rural electrification, cooking gas to every households and reformation in banking system.

As many as 18,000 houses have been electrified in last one two years. Every household is connected with Indian banking system, Modi pointed out.

“Till 2014 39% of the population had access to sanitation facilities, today the figure is over 80%. From independence till 2014 there were around 6 crore toilets in the country but in last four years 7.5 crore toilets have been made,” the PM added.

Modi also raised his government’s measures to bring strict laws to put the corrupted persons behind bars. He also highlighted the probe agencies action against black money hoarders.

“In the last four years, investigating agencies conducted 3000 raids and found crores in undeclared assets. Our fight against black money and has brought a lot of people together on one stage. Not to save the country, but to save their families. Those accused in big scams are coming together now” he said.

“As we promised four years ago about zero tolerance towards corruption, four former chief ministers are behind the bars,” Modi added.


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