Unknown animal kills hens, triggers panic in Cuttack

Cuttack: Movement of an unknown animal has triggered panic among locals in Sutahaat area in Cuttack city today.

Locals said the face of the animal is like a dog while it has Kangaroo type tail. The colour of the animal is black. People are panicked lot after the photos and video of the animal went viral on social media.

The animal was first spotted on the balcony of a local resident in Sutahaat. The house owner recorded its movement and posted on social media.

However, there is no report the animal attacking anyone. But, it strayed into thatched houses and dragged hens and roosters from the shed. Later, it is killing the hens, people said.

Residents added that they have never seen such animal earlier. Some claimed that it is a small Indian civet (Saliapatani). They tried to capture it, but the animal ran away into nearby forest areas.

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