20 cobra hatchlings rescued from house in Kendrapara

Kendrapara: After Dhamnagar and Pipili, rescue of snake hatchlings has been reported today from Narilo village of Chakrada region in Kendrapada.

According to reports, Ranjit Swain of Narilo baby cobras slithering near his house and called the snake catcher of his locality named Prafulla Swain.

Swain first dug out some portion of house wall with the help of villagers and rescued 20 baby cobras. The snake man is also trying to track the mother cobra.

Later, the hatchlings were released into the wild.

Rescue of cobras was reported from separate places of Odisha for the last three days. Around 150 cobras were rescued from two separate places in Dhamnagar block of Bhadrak district two days ago. Yesterday, 20 cobra hatchlings were rescued from house in Pipili area of Puri district.


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