Brawl between two groups of BJP in Nayagarh

Nayagarh: A meeting of the BJP ended with a bloody battle between two groups of the party at a hotel in Nayagarh town today.

Two of the party workers from both the sides were injured, sources said. With injuries on head, they have been rushed to district headquarters hospital.

Sources said, over hundreds intellectuals today met at a hotel to discuss some issues. BJP leader Irani Ray and Somesh Narayan also attended the meeting.

While the discussion was in progress, another group of BJP barged into the conference hall and argued with the organisers as they were not invited to the meeting. The verbal duel turned into a bloody fight.

Members of the both the party were engaged in exchange of blows, slaps and kicks. Some of them also destroyed the chairs and other furniture at the meeting venue.

Tension gripped the place for quite some time.

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