Sona Mohapatra’s wrong rendition of ‘Ahe Nila Saila’

Bhubaneswar: Popular singer Sona Mohapatra again landed in a controversy with her latest rendition of the popular Odia bhajan “Ahe Nila Saila” by famous Odia poet Salabeg.

The Odia Bhasa Andolan members alleged that Sona pronounced Salabega as “Sale bega”, Charana as “Charane” Shrianga as “Chhiranga” and Matta as “Maatra” in her rendition.

When the video went viral in social media, people in Odisha started criticising Sona for her incorrect pronunciation.

Sona Mohapatra’s tweeter page is now flooded with many criticisms for the wrong pronunciations. In a statement to a local TV channel, Sona urged the people not to rake up such controversy on such matter.

Earlier, the singer was in controversy for her remix of Sambalpuri ‘Rangabati’.


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