Baijayant clears air over saffron towel on shoulder at ‘Heijau’

Cuttack/Bhubaneswar: Even though former Lok Sabha MP Baijayant Panda has remained mum still about his future plan in politics, a saffron towel having lotus symbol seen on his shoulder during his informal tea party- Heijau- at Cuttack has invited a ripple in political sphere.

While many of his followers believe that the ex-parliamentarian may join the BJP in near future, Panda himself has clarified about the incident at the tea party yesterday. He said people from all walks of life gathered there, met him and chat with him with a cup of tea.

Some of them placed towels on his shoulders with affection, which he heartily accepted, he stated through his twitter page. One of the towels bore the symbol of the BJP. As he does not belong to any political outfit now, he accepted everybody, Panda added.

“Yday at #Heijau Cuttack enthusiastic ppl put many gamuchas on me like these. I appreciate their affection! One happened to have a party symbol. Since I’m not in any party, i have no problem w/supporters of any party trying to appropriate me. But I’ve not (yet) joined any party,” Panda tweeted.

While responding to reporters yesterday at the tea party, Panda had also reiterated that he is still seeking people’s views. He said “everyone knows under what circumstances I quit BJD, LS membership; currently discussing with people, taking their opinions, have not taken any decision”

Hundreds of people, cutting across age, gender and political party lines, congregated at a tea stall near Saheed Bhawan in Cuttack yesterday to attend ‘Heijau’ program- a causal tea party with the former MP.

Many people welcomed him by garlanding him and putting ‘gamucha’ on his shoulders. While relishing tea, the ex-Lok Sabha member also gossiped with the enthusiast locals over several issues.

Earlier, a similar tea party was also held near Mausi Maa square in Bhubaneswar, which was a great success.





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