Tiger count in Nandankanan goes up to 28 after Renuka gives birth to two cubs

Bhubaneswar: Two tiger cubs, both are melanistic, were born to tigress Renuka today in enclosure-33 of Nandankanan zoo in Bhubaneswar. With the new guests, the number of tiger in the zoo has gone up to 28 including 15 normal, nine white and four melanistic.

Renuka gave birth to its first cub at 3.40 am and second one at 12 noon in the enclosure. It was known from the CCTV footage installed inside the enclosure.

Both the cubs and mother Renuka are being monitored by the zoo doctors through CCTV cameras. The cubs’ sex has not yet been ascertained as they have been quarantined.

Zoo officials said the melanistic cubs are rare and have black stripes on body. The male Royal Bengal Tiger (RBT) ‘Samrat’ is the father of the newborn. Samrat had mated with Renuka 100 days back, the result of which came today, zoo authorities said.

In January this year, tigress Ankita had given birth to two normal-coloured cubs in the zoo.

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