Dhamnagar double murder & rape a longstanding plan for revenge

Bhadrak: The prime accused in the sensational double murder and rape case of Dhamnagar, who was arrested from Bhubaneswar last night, created ripple today by adding more sensation to the harrowing incident while confessing to the crime before police.

The accused, Babua Mohanty who allegedly killed Rabindra Behuria, wife Bhaktilata of Talasitha village, revealed before police that the crime he has committed on Sunday is an outcome of his longstanding anger to take revenge. Though Babua, a relative of the deceased, had planned three-four times earlier to eliminate all the family members, but in vein.  He wanted to take revenge because ‘his family members had been tortured physically and mentally by the deceased husband and wife duo’.

Reason of Revenge:

“From the childhood, I had a plan to eliminate the entire family as they had tortured me, my mother and my family members physically. Many times, they had tried to kill my mother by pressing crowbar on her throat. We had been harassed by them in every matter,” the accused told media.

“Though I had conspired 3-4 times earlier to kill all of them but did not succeed. However, I succeeded in my plan on Sunday,” he added.

How he executed his plan-

He first called Rabindra Beuria to outside and made him drunk. Later, the accused tied his hands and legs and threw him into a swollen culvert. The body of the Rabindra was recovered today from the culvert at……. said Manoranjan Samal, SDPO Dhamnagar.

After killing him, Babua returned to Rabindra’s home and attacked his wife-Bhaktilata- with a grinding stone leading to her death on the spot. Then he allegedly raped his daughter and also tried to kill her. However, a neighbour reached the spot by that time and the girl escaped luckily, Samal added. But, the accused didn’t clarify the reason of raping deceased’s daughter.

The accused also looted some jewellery and cash from the home after committing the crime, the SDPO added.

He left for Bhubaneswar overnight and narrated the incident before his wife at his rented house at Sailashri Vihar area. His wife persuaded him to surrender before police and he did not pay any heed. Police raided the area and picked up from his house last night.

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