Facts you didn’t know about Naveen Patnaik

Bhubaneswar: Educated at Doon School, Naveen Patnaik was more at home speaking in English with a western accent. He loved Dunhill cigarettes and enjoyed his Famous Grouse whisky every evening, a habit that his personal staff says he hasn’t given up. In 1997 he shed his jeans and T-shirt for the politician’s preferred attire –kurta pyjama – to tap into the outpouring of goodwill for his recently deceased father, Biju Patnaik.  ‘Naveen Patnaik’, a biography of the four-time Odisha Chief Minister released here on Sunday captures different facets of his life and has also brought to the public domain many facts which remained unknown.

Just until three years ago, Naveen had been a permanent fixture in Delhi’s most exclusive party circuits and rubbed shoulders routinely with the well-heeled and powerful. He had, in his younger days, run a boutique called Psychedelhi from the premises of the Oberoi hotel and his clientele included the fabled Beatles. His circle of friends straddled the globe and his interests included books and films, landing him a small role in Merchant Ivory’s 1988 adventure film The Deceivers, which had Pierce Brosnan and Saeed Jaffrey in the cast.

Former DGP Amiya Bhushan Tripathy and senior journalist Rabi Das released the biography penned by ace journalist Ruben Banerjee.

The book, Naveen Patnaik, has incidents and anecdotes from his life and his political journey when he first became an MP after the death of his father legendary Biju Patnaik.

It is available online on e-commerce sites Flipkart and Amazon.

The biography is based not only on the political life of the four-time Odisha Chief Minister but also it highlights his joining the politics, floating new political party in name of his late father and his eventful political journey.


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