Gurupriya bridge likely to be inaugurated in June

Bhubaneswar: ‘Gurupriya’ bridge connecting cut-off areas in Malkangiri district is most likely to be dedicated to public in June, informed Works Minister Prafulla Mallick today.

The bridge will connect Maoist-dominated villages across the Chitrakonda reservoir with the rest of Malkangiri.  More than 30,000 people of nine panchayats in 151 villages will get benefit from the bridge connectivity.

Notably, the construction work of the bridge worth Rs 187 crore was started in 2014. Due to Maoist menace other obstacles, the construction work was delayed.  However, it took seven moths time to finish the work of the 910 meter long bridge.

To protect Gurupriya bridge from the red rebels attack, at least six CCTV cameras are installed in upper and lower side of the bridge.

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