Kunduli row: CFSL upholds SFSL report, confirms “no presence of semen” in victim’s undergarment

Bhubaneswar: The Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CSFL), Kolkata has found no semen in any of the undergarments of the Kunduli victim, which were sent to it for re-examination on January 30.

The CFSL has confirmed State Forensic Science Laboratory’s DNA report that the girl was never raped.

Crime Branch SP RB Panigrahy told reporters that report which was submitted by the CFSL Director has been received through Court, which reveals that the stains available on the wearing apparels of the victim yielded identical autosomal genetic profiles of female origin from one and the same female individual only.

“The CFSL is categorical in stating that from the wearing apparels of the alleged victim girl only human blood of female origin was found and no stains of semen or saliva was detected which confirms that the final report earlier submitted by the SFSL to the Court is true,” he added.

Amid a ferocious attack by the opposition parties over the alleged discrepancies in the two reports of forensic tests conducted on the Kunduli rape survivor, who committed suicide on January 22 after being denied justice, the Crime Branch had sent the exhibits (samples/inner wear) of the victim to Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL), Kolkata on January 30.

The Crime Branch had sent the samples to the CFSL after Director General of Police (DGP) directed the former to get the exhibits re-examined.

While one forensic test report of the girl conducted by the State-run State Forensic Science Laboratory (SFSL) in Bhubaneswar on October 18 last year, eight days after she alleged rape, showed traces of the semen of two different persons – of blood groups A and B -on her clothes. And after the report was aired on news channel, the laboratory dubbed it a preliminary one and said the final report on October 23 showed no trace of semen on the girl’s clothes.

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