Monthly remuneration of tutor, senior/junior residents Govt medical colleges hiked

Bhubaneswar: Odisha Government on Monday increased the monthly remuneration of contractual tutors, junior resident doctors and senior resident doctors of State-run medical colleges.

State Health and Family Welfare Minister Pratap Jena said that the revised salary will be implemented with the issuance of gazette notification to this effect soon.

As per the decision, the monthly remuneration of the contractual tutors, who have completed their PG, will get Rs 65,000 as salary along with Rs 15,000 remuneration.

The contractual tutors who have not completed their PG course will get Rs 65,000 in addition to Rs 5,000 as remuneration.

The senior residents will get Rs 65,000 per month while junior residents will receive Rs 55,000.

The regular doctors, working as tutors and have completed their PG will get Rs 20,000 monthly incentive. Those tutors, who have not completed PG will receive Rs 15,000 incentive while senior residents will get Rs 10,000 remuneration in addition to their salary.

Now the tutors and senior residents are getting Rs 50,000 per month while and junior residents are drawing Rs 35,000 monthly.

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