CUO Marks Vigilance Awareness Week 2023 with Pledge to Combat Corruption

  • Nov 06, 2023
Odisha News:CUO-Marks-Vigilance-Awareness-Week-2023-with-Pledge-to-Combat-Corruption
Koraput, Nov 6:

 The Central University of Odisha commemorated Vigilance Awareness Week-2023 with a special program centered on the theme, 'Say No to Corruption; Commit to the Nation.' Held on the university campus, the event brought together faculty, and staff in a united effort to champion honesty and integrity. 

Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. Chakradhara Tripathi, presided over the program and addressed the university community. Prof. Tripathi delivered an inspirational message urging attendees to become responsible citizens guided by knowledge and moral values while shunning materialistic pursuits. He emphasized India's global position, stating that if individuals dedicated themselves to selfless service without vested interests, corruption could naturally be eradicated. He underscored the importance of moral values deeply rooted in Indian culture and tradition and the significance of the National Education Policy 2020 in shaping the nation as a world leader. Prof. Tripathi drew from the life and principles of Mahatma Gandhi, who dedicated his life to serving humanity. He encouraged attendees to acquire knowledge and adopt a workaholic and service-oriented mindset.

Prof. S. K. Palita, Dean of the School of Biodiversity and Conservation of Natural Resources shed light on the background and significance of Vigilance Awareness Week in India. He stated that corruption erodes the foundation of democracy and hinders the country's growth and development. Vigilance Awareness Week serves as a potent reminder of collective responsibilities to foster a corruption-free society and maintain transparency and ethical governance.

Dr. Prashant Meshram, Controller of Examination, introduced the theme of the event and delivered the welcome address. He highlighted the various forms of corruption prevalent in the systems and discussed strategies for its eradication.

 Dr. Meshram urged all citizens to remain vigilant and commit to the highest standards of honesty and integrity, supporting the fight against corruption. He administered the integrity pledge to the university's employees.

Dr. Phagunath Bhoi, Public Relations Officer, coordinated the program and extended the vote of thanks to all participants. Notable attendees included Prof. N. C. Panda, Incharge Registrar and Finance Officer; Prof. Hemraj Meena, Director of the Rajbhasha Cell; Dr. Chakradhar Padhan, Head of the Department of Hindi; Dr. Jyotiska Datta, Head of Department Mathematics; Dr. Debabrata Panda, Assistant Professor of Biodiversity and Conservation of Natural Resources; Er. Sriram Parhi, Executive Engineer; Dr. Veera Prasad, Medical Officer; as well as faculty members, non-teaching staff, and security personnel.

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